Mutual Funds Association of Pakistan (MUFAP) is the trade body for Pakistan's multi billion rupees asset management industry. The money our members manage is in a wide variety of investment vehicles including stocks, bonds, money market instruments, government securities and bank deposits. Our role is to ensure transparency, high ethical conduct and growth of the mutual fund industry.
NAV Returns Performance Summary Report

Open End Schemes Dedicated Equity Funds Voluntary Pension Funds Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)

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Report Date: Tuesday 19 January, 2021 07 : 50 : 04 AM
Dedicated Equity (Absolute Return) Expense Ratios
* Fund Name Validity Date NAV * YTD MTD 1 Day 15 Days 30 Days 90 Days 180 Days 270 Days 365 Days TER %** MF %** S&M %**
UBL Dedicated Equity FundDec 16, 2020108.649326.025.040.313.635.911.2728.1341.577.572.582.000.26
Shariah Compliant Dedicated Equity (Absolute Return) Expense Ratios
* Fund Name Validity Date NAV * YTD MTD 1 Day 15 Days 30 Days 90 Days 180 Days 270 Days 365 Days TER %** MF %** S&M %**
Faysal Islamic Dedicated Equity FundDec 16, 202099.680027.656.330.764.787.831.8229.6136.36N/A5.521.500.50
ABL Islamic Dedicated Stock FundDec 16, 20208.573627.216.630.644.359.204.6030.0346.293.644.892.001.20
NBP Islamic Active Allocation Equity FundDec 16, 202011.275829.525.310.543.707.832.7131.8353.3711.815.341.501.90
Al Ameen Islamic Dedicated Equity FundDec 16, 2020132.086526.353.360.061.486.041.5428.9349.4711.451.962.000.40
Alfalah GHP Islamic Dedicated Equity FundJan 16, 202185.063732.994.330.004.333.7313.7220.7840.655.445.052.000.00
HBL Islamic Dedicated Equity FundOct 26, 202098.479512.490.
Atlas Islamic Dedicated Stock FundJan 17, 2021590.450333.684.16(0.01)2.203.0713.8620.5842.2510.284.502.400.00
Meezan Dedicated Equity FundJan 16, 202145.322830.973.49(0.01)2.373.6714.0118.8440.711.674.632.000.40
JS Islamic Dedicated Equity FundDec 16, 202070.880019.414.60(0.06)2.867.002.1322.4428.99(17.92)5.502.000.00

* For Funds launched after July 1, the return is since inception (launch date) of the fund.

**TER:Total Expense Ratio.,**MF: Management Fee as percentage of net assets., **S&M: Selling and Marketing expenses as percentage of net assets.


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