Mutual Funds Association of Pakistan (MUFAP) was informally formed by a group of investment advisors/ asset management companies in 1996 and was formally incorporated in 2001 as a public company limited by guarantee not having share capital. MUFAP obtained licensed by the Ministry of Commerce (Directorate General of Trade Organizations) to function as the trade association for Pakistan’s asset management industry the same year. 

In June 2021, MUFAP acquired a license under Section 42 of the Companies Act, 2017 and to meet one of the licensing conditions, MUFAP voluntarily applied for revocation of its license from the Directorate General of Trade Organizations which was revoked in December 2022.

MUFAP plays a pivotal role in promoting the development and growth of mutual funds and voluntary pension schemes in Pakistan. Our aim is to enhance public awareness and understanding of mutual funds as a valuable investment vehicle and voluntary pension schemes as a reliable retirement savings option. We strive to ensure that investors are well-informed and confident in their investment choices. Furthermore, MUFAP is dedicated to maintaining transparency and upholding high ethical standards within industry practices. 

Currently, our membership comprises Asset Management Companies, Pension Fund Managers, and Investment Advisors registered with MUFAP. By fostering a collaborative environment among these members, we aim to advance the industry's best practices and ensure its robust development.